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We are a coalition of freethinking leaders.

We stand for the truth that the power of human nature lies in each human’s unique nature, and that work is a magnificent place to unleash that power. We stand against organizations, leaders, practices and tools that systematically or carelessly crush that power.

Together, we know this:

We know that the crazy, wonderful, weird uniqueness of each individual is a mess worth engaging with – all good things come only from this. 

We know that, left to their own devices, organizations can operate as if their identity and their sanctity is more precious than the lives of the people within it – and we reject this.

We know that emergent patterns are always wiser than received wisdom.

We know we must put our faith in evidence over dogma – there is no dogma in science.

We know that the only way to make the world better tomorrow is to have the courage and the wit to face up to how it really is today – the brave build only on truth.

We know that ‘That’s not how we do it here’ is the trigger to keep doing it, only more, and faster, and better, and with as many people as possible – only challengers make change.