Community Guidelines

We welcome your comment if:

  • You are sharing your personal experience around a subject.
  • You are sharing research and/or data.
  • You have a well thought-out argument.
  • You are witty, interesting, opinionated, excited, and thoughtful about how we can make work extraordinary.

We will delete your comment if:

  • You use inappropriate or offensive language.
  • You purposefully antagonize another member of the coalition. This can run from name calling to sentences which include the words “people like you” or statements which begin with “I bet you” or “You must/probably…” or threats of any kind.
  • Your comment spams or solicits, or reads like an advertisement.
  • Your comment is completely off-topic.

We will ban your account if:

  • You use any kind of hate speech in a comment.
  • You engage in any of the aforementioned behavior more than once.

It is at the moderators’ discretion to ban anyone whom they determine to be a detriment to the atmosphere of the coalition.

If you notice a comment that violates our policy, please email